Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Back to December

Desember, it's raining.
Sometimes I wonder how people come and go just like the rain. Bcuz their lives are not mine, and people are not able to read the others' hearts, thats why I cant understand. My life should belong to the past, when the heart felt the indescribable feeling, surrounded by good people with good comprehension about a good way of life. My life was good.

Yes, it was. I do not mention this present time goes bad, but something peaceful had been lost. Friends, relatives, prayers, they all had gone. Some people passed away, met God in peace and no longer able to listen to my story about this present time. Others live this present moment, but their souls are lost, just like mine. I feel that I am not the way I am. 

What life means? What should we earn? What will we pay? This life is definitely short. We want to spend it just that easy, just spend it. But time is something we can't stop, and when it stops, we can do nothing. My soul should belong to the past, when people only own one face for each. They hated if they hated, they loved if they liked something. People were honest. 

My soul should belong to the dawn, when we only had a bottle of milk staring at a laptop, thinking too much. I thought life is that simple, if you treat others well, you'll be okay. The present life is more complicated, 'being good' is something arguable, people have different ways of life. Life goes more complex.

Friday, November 22, 2013


I've been trying to comprehend everything that comes to my life, happiness and sorrow. But I cant stand this alone, I have no one to tell, I have no one to share with. God plans everything good for me, I know, but Im too fool to comprehend this. Im fool. Sometimes I want my previous life back, it's like I achieve nothing in life. I have laughter but dont know how to be happy, I have friends but dont know how to have fun. I dont know where I should go, I dont even know the way to back home. Im stuck in the life thats not mine. Sometimes I feel really happy, but sometimes there's a confusion in me. I feel that no one but my mum wants me in life, sometimes I feel bad and just wanna die. 

I learn how to love, but I feel unlovable. Sometimes I control the feeling bcuz if you care too much about someone who doesnt care about you, you'll be hurt that much. Im so sick of this, Im so sick of reality that there's no one understands what I feel. Too in vain talking to someone who doesnt understand the feeling, the topic you're talking about, or just your way to talk that actually aims nothing but to deliver the talk. Im stuck.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beyond The Sea

السلام عليكم 
So you guys miss me? Muehehe
Today, most people go to IG, also, some famous bloggers are not active doing the blogging. So this is my turn, to write a cold and flat writing is my ability. Dude, at least you can see that updating the blog is my musing. No matter what the content about *but others care about it, tara
I went to a beach on the last holiday, spending my happy days still in East-Java. I love to see ocean but don't expect me to swim! See that no-filter picture? My husband took it with his cell-phone. Looking awesome isnt it? I knowww I knoooww.. 
Sunny and windy, there's nothing better but having holiday with husband after a week working. And the food also tasted good, and the coconut. Please dont forget about the coconut, able to make your sunny day better. Still, ma face looks annoying in front of camera. Husband's pose seems like expecting a handsome picture, nyahahahhahhah. Whatever, I was having fun
Beach: Papuma

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

References: Office Look

السلام عليكم 

A very late-post, a flash post to give you a reference about hijab style. Wearing Alenda pashmina by Amelle which is also exclusively worn by our celebrity IGers, @najibahrahma.
Alenda by Amelle comes IN STYLE to offer you something fabs
Four colors are available : WHITE/ COFFEE/ MUSTARD/ PEACH 

Office look easy steps:
1. Wear inner
2. Wear Alenda, I prefer its peach. Place the two sides to the left/ right, make yourself feel comfort
3. Pull the side that's able to cover the other side well, comprehend picture number 3
4. .. then you get the office look. Simple and fabulous

Place your order via:
Line : tarafilliana
e- mail :

Thursday, October 24, 2013


السلام عليكم
There were things I've done this October, learning how to cook well, preparing birthday meals for husband, and starting a healthy life.

strawberry-mango-mungbean jelly cake

That's all I could do

Starting a more healthy life, we decide to wear these organic cosmetics. The product is made of oat, milk, strawberries and carrots. Yumm! What's better in it? I wear make up full of chemical in the morning, I'm pretty sure, and a chemical-free product at night is such a refreshment!
Organic face scrubs: Natural Green

Monday, October 21, 2013

References: Penta Plex (P2) Multi Purpose Solution & Comfort Drops

السلام عليكم
Contact lenses: New look, 43% water
Comfort drops & multi purpose solution: Penta Plex (P2)

What you decide today gives impact to the future. If you ask me about eye-cosmetics I use everyday, they are the answers. Have been being in love with them in the last three years, since I felt that wearing glasses gave me a little comfort. The opticians told me those two options are okay to use, the lenses contain 43% water (it's for 3 months usage) while the comfort drops aim to comfort your eyes even when you're working in a room full of a-con. Comfort drops are needed instead of using the multi purpose to clean up the lenses, they bring you a great combination.

Contact lenses: New look-Playful (grey)
Shawl: @itsinstyle (instagram)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's HOT? : Turkish shawl

السلام عليكم

Following the trend, Turkish shawl is the most wanted item. The silky look adds luxurious touch. Firstly published by Dian Pelangi on her instagram although the shawl actually has been being famous around Eurasia

Kayra, for example, this Turkish brand is consistent with one hijab style since it's established in 1998.
Turkish shawl becomes a trend among hijabista, especially those who love a simple hijab style but still combine it with stylish outfits. 

Coming in style, the new fashion store INSTYLE tries to impress the hijabista with its own turkish. The shawl looks so fine, coming in eight beautiful colors, while the material used is shimmery Japanese cotton.
Line : tarafilliana
e- mail :

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quick Tips : Cleaning Up Your Beauty Brushes

السلام عليكم

Tips for those who care about their beauty brushes-How to clean up:
Your brushes need extra-treatment, blush on, eye shadow, lipstick, they all build up in them. Then, cleaning up the brushes is necessary, let's say do it once a month or in a couple of month. Cleaning   up your babies is quite easy. Remember, dirty brushes may help the pimples grow.

How to clean up:
1. Boil a glass of water
2. Pour it into a small bowl
3. Place the brush into the bowl
4. Soak it for 5 minutes
5. Rinse 
5. Dry it well 

Friday, September 20, 2013

'Up' Shoes- How to Shop

السلام عليكم

I do online shopping, I'd told you. Today's local shops offer good things with good prices. One of recommended local shops I usually shop with is Up.
Up is a brand with passion and purpose, one of thousand reasons I love to shop with them. This is a brand made by Diana Rikasari, an Indonesian blogger. She believes that a pair of shoes can brighten up your days.
The brand was established in 2010, with the purpose to make the customers walking happily. For every pair you purchase on the site, you'll donate IDR 5000 which goes directly to scholarship for low-income children.
Shopping with Up is just a piece of cake. Sorry because the pictures I prepare to guide you are lost. But here they are, the clear steps:
1. Go sign up / sign in on
2. Go shopping! Click shop bar to know the latest shoes they offer
3.There will be several pictures of Up shoes, click shoes that you like
4. Find a table with Up logo in it, choose your shoes' size. The option includes your feet length, measure your feet length first
5. Click add to shopping basket
6. There will be bars sound "I'm done & ready to order" and "I still want to shop", choose one
7. There will be a kind of form contains your name and your address. Your shoes will be sent to that address
8. There will be a shopping detail contains your ordered shoes, shipping cost, and payment method. You may purchase them via bank transfer or credit card. Give the term and condition table a click. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail (the e-mail you use to sign up) and you'll get an ID.
9. Pay the shoes, then click confirm payment on the right top of the blog. Enter your ID to the column, there will be an information tells that your shoes have been being produced

Some people still feel confused about shopping on Up, especially how to confirm the payment. But for me, Up has a great blog, good service, and reasonable prices. When the blog has an update or error, you'll receive confirmation e-mail as well. 

I experienced shopping on Up twice, and I'm satisfied. But it's sad to know that the first shoes I bought were too small. I finally sold the limited edition shoes. No worry, cuz I'm happy my shoes brighten up someone's days. You better measure your feet length before you shop, and choose the bigger size on the blog, or you better have a consultation with the customer service. Overmore, there's also information about where the donation goes to, and how to clean up your babies. So girls, happy Up-ing!

Monday, September 16, 2013

INSTYLE: Free Shipping!

السلام عليكم

INSTYLE Boutique is trying to attract more customers by providing free shipping for all products you purchase. Pictures are now shown with no filter, and there's also tutorial for those who hesitate to buy our stuffs. Shopping becomes easier with INSTYLE, our stuffs are wearable yet stylish.

How to wear instant hoodie:

1. Wear inner

2. Wear the shawl from bottom to top

3. You'll get this look. Pin the shawl to hide the sewing/unwanted part

4.Final view

Our instant hoodie, for example, comes in style with three beautiful soft colours including baby pink, baby tosca, and baby purple. It costs IDR 115K for each, free shipping for customers in East Java.

Line : tarafilliana
e- mail :

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mukena 10 Ribu

السلام عليكم

Happy almost Eid!
Do you count the days? Ramadhan will go in days. Feeling sad? Just don't. We can keep the spirit in our minds. I found something awesome on twitter last week, a spirit that may last forever. This is a spirit to help our sisters and care about our salah.

For the brief information, please visit Mukena 10 Ribu on twitter. For information with my picture, you read here :b From the title given, you must be confused, probably you'll think that the mukena I'm telling you costs IDR 10K. No, it's not. Mukena 10 Ribu is an organisation nursing about public mukena. I always bring my mukena when I'm out, because I feel that public mukena is not comfortable to wear. Besides, I think we should dress well when we pray, because we always dress well when we're out. 

Since we're moslem, we actually need mukena almost everytime. But sometimes, we forget to bring it. So fellows, if you really care about mukena nursing in public places, now you can help.

The minimum donation is IDR 10K

From Al Baqarah: 261

References: Bingkai Berita, Facebook & Twitter
and also

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Messy Place We Live in

السلام عليكم

I've been living in a messy place for these last two months. A working-married woman seems to be so busy, too busy to care about the house :b I mean too busy to spend few hours of her sleeping time to sweep the floor or to wash the dishes. But hey, I'm happy to wash the clothes! Happy to have an electronic partner called 'washing machine'.

Okay, I'm trying hard not to be lazy on the holiday, but you've already guess, I'm failed. My little heart always tells me that spending your holiday on bed along day is not a sin. We all do that, but in the end of the day, we regret the time we've spent. What my husband and I have done today is something better. I feel it's easier having a life-time partner, someone will wash your dirty dishes and help you watering the plants. I'm not alone, although we only have a clean house once a week, but we always spend the weeks together. I love my husband ❤

(something unrelated)
*photo taken from my IG
a late birthday gift came this week
Thanks to husband, so I can save my money for another shopping time 
good day!

*shoes made by UP with passion and purpose
telling you later about this brand

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We're coming IN STYLE!

السلام عليكم

Had told you in the previous post that I'm trying to develop the new business. Sounds fun and must be challenging, and yet promising. Our shop comes IN STYLE, wishing we'll make the customers come IN STYLE with us. We provide good stuffs with reasonable prices which come from some fashion directors. Wish someday we'll produce our own products, of course with the genuine style to keep us IN STYLE.

Place your order by visiting our pages:
INSTAGRAM: @itsinstyle
order by e-mail:

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Marriage

السلام عليكم

It’s a long time..
Been a long time for me not to write something. I’ve become a wife and it means that I’ve become ‘more social’. The ‘more social’ doesn’t mean that I have many time to spend on social networks or blog, it means that I get ‘a real life’.

That time I was a girl with laptop and internet, but then my life changed. I got a more real life, let’s say it’s a better life everyone expects.

I lost my blog for a while, but I won’t lose it forever *grinning
I won’t let myself being brainless, to forget everything I learned in University is something silly. How many time you spent there, how many subjects you studied, and the inspiring lecturers are not eligible to be forgotten. So, this is the only media for me to remember how fun it was being a part of that department.

So, I’ll keep writing. Perhaps, I’ll continue reading ‘The Secret Garden’, the novel I stopped reading  in the last semester. It may help the ‘cold and flat’ writing I own.

I’ll always remember that I was a girl with her writing. It’s an activity I’ll do when I’ve done cooking, washing our clothes and the dirty dishes.

..and this is Mrs.Kristiano’s face now *no surprise

The early marriage began..

Now, I always have my husband with me everywhere I go.

I also try to develop my online store to be the best one, providing new stuffs, new style, so here it is... IN STYLE

Visit our store on :
Instagram @itsinstyle
Twitter @tarafilliana

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wedding Story

السلام عليكم

Surah An-Noor, Verse 26:
Unclean things are for unclean ones and unclean ones are for unclean things, and the good things are for good ones and the good ones are for good things; these are free from what they say; they shall have forgiveness and an honorable sustenance.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

A wedding is such a girl thing.
-Selma Blair

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.
-Max Muller

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
-Judy Garland

Thanks to everyone who sends us best wishes and prayers,
thank you for joining us being in love with the wedding.

I love being married. It's so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
-Rita Rudner
that's.. the essential.
Wedding is a day consists of promises,
marriage is about how we keep them.

*all pictures taken from instagram @tarafilliana

Monday, April 29, 2013

السلام عليكم

Confused about how to find your fashion references? answers you!

Once upon a time, I did blogwalking, far far away. Then I found a magic blog, They contain all what you need about fashion. One click, you'll find information about fashion stockists, fashion bloggers, even the fashion tips. Baby.. I live in far far away, to find good fashion stockists in this little town is almost impossible -________- no, I'm not joking. I experienced living in a big city for five years, where everything we need is available.. and now, I have to buy my favorite things from the internet. Oh yes, I'm saved. Thank you for the information, I even found some favorite fashion bloggers on this fashion portal

See? There's also discount promo, all information only with a click. Are you living in far far away just like me? Oh yes, you are saved. One blog for all, all people need it. Maybe my chipmunk face also needs some fashion tips.