Monday, October 21, 2013

References: Penta Plex (P2) Multi Purpose Solution & Comfort Drops

السلام عليكم
Contact lenses: New look, 43% water
Comfort drops & multi purpose solution: Penta Plex (P2)

What you decide today gives impact to the future. If you ask me about eye-cosmetics I use everyday, they are the answers. Have been being in love with them in the last three years, since I felt that wearing glasses gave me a little comfort. The opticians told me those two options are okay to use, the lenses contain 43% water (it's for 3 months usage) while the comfort drops aim to comfort your eyes even when you're working in a room full of a-con. Comfort drops are needed instead of using the multi purpose to clean up the lenses, they bring you a great combination.

Contact lenses: New look-Playful (grey)
Shawl: @itsinstyle (instagram)

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