Monday, November 12, 2012


السلام عليكم

Happy birthday my mum and aunty,
I sent these gifts to you along with the best birthday wishes
Wishing you a happy birthday

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

About Blogging

السلام عليكم

22.07 pm, I’m not sleepy or feeling tired.
It’s been 4 months since I worked in this town, I’ve already had new fellows and nice job. They finally become my family, one of many reasons I want to go to the office. Remembering the first time I faced my job, I was so lonely and began to feel more and more homesick. But now, it’s my other home.

It’s a long time since my last post. I don’t have much time for blogging since I worked at the office, spending my morning and afternoon, and even my evening there. I’ve been in love with blogging since the 3rd semester homework my lecturer gave to me, to post about everything I loved to my first blog.

Yes, this blog is not the only blog I have. I have three, actually, but I left the first one, and keep the other one private. I love privacy, sometimes ;) ;b I do love writing this much, to deliver your point of views to the others, so that they can understand what you are thinking about. It’s about sharing, to let people know about what you feel. A blog author will show you the real him/her through his/her ‘way of writing', it’s an indirectly introduction. The aim of blogging  is not about getting fans or inviting haters, it’s more about discussing something. Blogging gives you the feeling of happy everytime people post comments on your blog, ask you about the article you have posted, and appreciate your writing, that’s the best part.

Today’s blogging is dominated by fashion bloggers, those who post their pictures and outfits to the personal sites. I wonder how they have good preparations for good pictures, settings, and outfits, it must be complicated. Me? I’m a blogger, only 'blogger'. Someone who did writing since the first blog she made, in love with it and will live with the writing. I don’t specify my blog because I love to write anything I think interesting, even a picture can be a story.

About blogging, I wish I’ll be able to make a better writing. You know, it’s hard to improve your writing ability without the ‘writing’ ;(

Please mind the bad quality image,
I forgot to bring my camera that time.
Hanging out is one of some reasons why I never improve my writing
yes, this classic -_________- actually