Monday, August 5, 2013

Mukena 10 Ribu

السلام عليكم

Happy almost Eid!
Do you count the days? Ramadhan will go in days. Feeling sad? Just don't. We can keep the spirit in our minds. I found something awesome on twitter last week, a spirit that may last forever. This is a spirit to help our sisters and care about our salah.

For the brief information, please visit Mukena 10 Ribu on twitter. For information with my picture, you read here :b From the title given, you must be confused, probably you'll think that the mukena I'm telling you costs IDR 10K. No, it's not. Mukena 10 Ribu is an organisation nursing about public mukena. I always bring my mukena when I'm out, because I feel that public mukena is not comfortable to wear. Besides, I think we should dress well when we pray, because we always dress well when we're out. 

Since we're moslem, we actually need mukena almost everytime. But sometimes, we forget to bring it. So fellows, if you really care about mukena nursing in public places, now you can help.

The minimum donation is IDR 10K

From Al Baqarah: 261

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