Friday, March 15, 2013

Online Shopping

السلام عليكم 

Dear my girls, do you love shopping? online shopping?
Yes, I do, but I'm selective doing the shopping. It takes risks, someone you never know is possible to cheat on you, right? 

Alright, I'm gonna share some online shopping experiences I did in the past :b yes, in the past, before I have to save more and more to get married. Okay, my problem.

Here are some online shops I trust, I give you the links =)

Named as Songket Dress, the pastel colour attracted me. I bought the dress on Simply Store.

One dress for all...
all occasions

This one is from Griya Rungkut, Surabaya. Vestco dress, mine is black. I removed the peplum bcuz I thought it didn't suit me well.
My black Vestco Dress became something more wearable, I can suit it with anything I want.

It's a jumpuit that looks like a dress. I could go picnic with this outfit, comfortable. Many people recognized it as a dress. Bought the jumpsuit from Iymel Says Hijab, Bekasi. This is a jumpsuit I won, shopping on ISH needs to be in time. If you like one of the items, confirm fast, pay fast.
looking like a dress..

but it's jumpsuit

Online shopping takes risks, I may have some recommended online shops, but it doesn't mean that I was never cheated. An online shop ever cheated on me. I don't like complaining, if the flaw is acceptable, it's okay. But some online shops don't appreciate the customers' trust; bad sewing job, colours that are different from the picture, shipping that takes a very long time, disappointing. 

I experienced selling my stuffs online too, but I care. I asked them about the stuffs' conditions, making sure that the stuffs have been delivered or not. 

I wish both the seller and the buyer have a nice shopping experience, bcuz something disappointing will be remembered. We can play fair.