Friday, November 22, 2013


I've been trying to comprehend everything that comes to my life, happiness and sorrow. But I cant stand this alone, I have no one to tell, I have no one to share with. God plans everything good for me, I know, but Im too fool to comprehend this. Im fool. Sometimes I want my previous life back, it's like I achieve nothing in life. I have laughter but dont know how to be happy, I have friends but dont know how to have fun. I dont know where I should go, I dont even know the way to back home. Im stuck in the life thats not mine. Sometimes I feel really happy, but sometimes there's a confusion in me. I feel that no one but my mum wants me in life, sometimes I feel bad and just wanna die. 

I learn how to love, but I feel unlovable. Sometimes I control the feeling bcuz if you care too much about someone who doesnt care about you, you'll be hurt that much. Im so sick of this, Im so sick of reality that there's no one understands what I feel. Too in vain talking to someone who doesnt understand the feeling, the topic you're talking about, or just your way to talk that actually aims nothing but to deliver the talk. Im stuck.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beyond The Sea

السلام عليكم 
So you guys miss me? Muehehe
Today, most people go to IG, also, some famous bloggers are not active doing the blogging. So this is my turn, to write a cold and flat writing is my ability. Dude, at least you can see that updating the blog is my musing. No matter what the content about *but others care about it, tara
I went to a beach on the last holiday, spending my happy days still in East-Java. I love to see ocean but don't expect me to swim! See that no-filter picture? My husband took it with his cell-phone. Looking awesome isnt it? I knowww I knoooww.. 
Sunny and windy, there's nothing better but having holiday with husband after a week working. And the food also tasted good, and the coconut. Please dont forget about the coconut, able to make your sunny day better. Still, ma face looks annoying in front of camera. Husband's pose seems like expecting a handsome picture, nyahahahhahhah. Whatever, I was having fun
Beach: Papuma