Friday, September 20, 2013

'Up' Shoes- How to Shop

السلام عليكم

I do online shopping, I'd told you. Today's local shops offer good things with good prices. One of recommended local shops I usually shop with is Up.
Up is a brand with passion and purpose, one of thousand reasons I love to shop with them. This is a brand made by Diana Rikasari, an Indonesian blogger. She believes that a pair of shoes can brighten up your days.
The brand was established in 2010, with the purpose to make the customers walking happily. For every pair you purchase on the site, you'll donate IDR 5000 which goes directly to scholarship for low-income children.
Shopping with Up is just a piece of cake. Sorry because the pictures I prepare to guide you are lost. But here they are, the clear steps:
1. Go sign up / sign in on
2. Go shopping! Click shop bar to know the latest shoes they offer
3.There will be several pictures of Up shoes, click shoes that you like
4. Find a table with Up logo in it, choose your shoes' size. The option includes your feet length, measure your feet length first
5. Click add to shopping basket
6. There will be bars sound "I'm done & ready to order" and "I still want to shop", choose one
7. There will be a kind of form contains your name and your address. Your shoes will be sent to that address
8. There will be a shopping detail contains your ordered shoes, shipping cost, and payment method. You may purchase them via bank transfer or credit card. Give the term and condition table a click. A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail (the e-mail you use to sign up) and you'll get an ID.
9. Pay the shoes, then click confirm payment on the right top of the blog. Enter your ID to the column, there will be an information tells that your shoes have been being produced

Some people still feel confused about shopping on Up, especially how to confirm the payment. But for me, Up has a great blog, good service, and reasonable prices. When the blog has an update or error, you'll receive confirmation e-mail as well. 

I experienced shopping on Up twice, and I'm satisfied. But it's sad to know that the first shoes I bought were too small. I finally sold the limited edition shoes. No worry, cuz I'm happy my shoes brighten up someone's days. You better measure your feet length before you shop, and choose the bigger size on the blog, or you better have a consultation with the customer service. Overmore, there's also information about where the donation goes to, and how to clean up your babies. So girls, happy Up-ing!

Monday, September 16, 2013

INSTYLE: Free Shipping!

السلام عليكم

INSTYLE Boutique is trying to attract more customers by providing free shipping for all products you purchase. Pictures are now shown with no filter, and there's also tutorial for those who hesitate to buy our stuffs. Shopping becomes easier with INSTYLE, our stuffs are wearable yet stylish.

How to wear instant hoodie:

1. Wear inner

2. Wear the shawl from bottom to top

3. You'll get this look. Pin the shawl to hide the sewing/unwanted part

4.Final view

Our instant hoodie, for example, comes in style with three beautiful soft colours including baby pink, baby tosca, and baby purple. It costs IDR 115K for each, free shipping for customers in East Java.

Line : tarafilliana
e- mail :