Sunday, July 1, 2012


السلام عليكم 

Moving to the town, somewhere I never knew before.
I don't know why I did dare for this, to move from a city to a town. Leaving my fellows and my life.

I was born in a town, but this town is different. I'm confused, that's the point. I remember when I moved from my hometown to the city 5 years ago, it didn't feel this hard. Maybe because there were my big family, while I know no one here and my job is unrelated to my major. Sad.

I'm confused.
This movement is very stressful, I'm not myself anymore. The happy me has lost. You know, people are very nice here, but I'm still lonely. Have you ever felt that way? it's feelin like hell. 

Just celebrated my birthday, this year is totally different from the previous years. I used to have my fellows around me, with a birthday cake prepared by my mum. I think God is telling me that movement is something I need to have right now. Yaaa... I'll learn to receive this condition well. If people  trust me that way, why don't I trust myself better?