Wednesday, October 30, 2013

References: Office Look

السلام عليكم 

A very late-post, a flash post to give you a reference about hijab style. Wearing Alenda pashmina by Amelle which is also exclusively worn by our celebrity IGers, @najibahrahma.
Alenda by Amelle comes IN STYLE to offer you something fabs
Four colors are available : WHITE/ COFFEE/ MUSTARD/ PEACH 

Office look easy steps:
1. Wear inner
2. Wear Alenda, I prefer its peach. Place the two sides to the left/ right, make yourself feel comfort
3. Pull the side that's able to cover the other side well, comprehend picture number 3
4. .. then you get the office look. Simple and fabulous

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Line : tarafilliana
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Thursday, October 24, 2013


السلام عليكم
There were things I've done this October, learning how to cook well, preparing birthday meals for husband, and starting a healthy life.

strawberry-mango-mungbean jelly cake

That's all I could do

Starting a more healthy life, we decide to wear these organic cosmetics. The product is made of oat, milk, strawberries and carrots. Yumm! What's better in it? I wear make up full of chemical in the morning, I'm pretty sure, and a chemical-free product at night is such a refreshment!
Organic face scrubs: Natural Green

Monday, October 21, 2013

References: Penta Plex (P2) Multi Purpose Solution & Comfort Drops

السلام عليكم
Contact lenses: New look, 43% water
Comfort drops & multi purpose solution: Penta Plex (P2)

What you decide today gives impact to the future. If you ask me about eye-cosmetics I use everyday, they are the answers. Have been being in love with them in the last three years, since I felt that wearing glasses gave me a little comfort. The opticians told me those two options are okay to use, the lenses contain 43% water (it's for 3 months usage) while the comfort drops aim to comfort your eyes even when you're working in a room full of a-con. Comfort drops are needed instead of using the multi purpose to clean up the lenses, they bring you a great combination.

Contact lenses: New look-Playful (grey)
Shawl: @itsinstyle (instagram)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's HOT? : Turkish shawl

السلام عليكم

Following the trend, Turkish shawl is the most wanted item. The silky look adds luxurious touch. Firstly published by Dian Pelangi on her instagram although the shawl actually has been being famous around Eurasia

Kayra, for example, this Turkish brand is consistent with one hijab style since it's established in 1998.
Turkish shawl becomes a trend among hijabista, especially those who love a simple hijab style but still combine it with stylish outfits. 

Coming in style, the new fashion store INSTYLE tries to impress the hijabista with its own turkish. The shawl looks so fine, coming in eight beautiful colors, while the material used is shimmery Japanese cotton.
Line : tarafilliana
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quick Tips : Cleaning Up Your Beauty Brushes

السلام عليكم

Tips for those who care about their beauty brushes-How to clean up:
Your brushes need extra-treatment, blush on, eye shadow, lipstick, they all build up in them. Then, cleaning up the brushes is necessary, let's say do it once a month or in a couple of month. Cleaning   up your babies is quite easy. Remember, dirty brushes may help the pimples grow.

How to clean up:
1. Boil a glass of water
2. Pour it into a small bowl
3. Place the brush into the bowl
4. Soak it for 5 minutes
5. Rinse 
5. Dry it well