Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Messy Place We Live in

السلام عليكم

I've been living in a messy place for these last two months. A working-married woman seems to be so busy, too busy to care about the house :b I mean too busy to spend few hours of her sleeping time to sweep the floor or to wash the dishes. But hey, I'm happy to wash the clothes! Happy to have an electronic partner called 'washing machine'.

Okay, I'm trying hard not to be lazy on the holiday, but you've already guess, I'm failed. My little heart always tells me that spending your holiday on bed along day is not a sin. We all do that, but in the end of the day, we regret the time we've spent. What my husband and I have done today is something better. I feel it's easier having a life-time partner, someone will wash your dirty dishes and help you watering the plants. I'm not alone, although we only have a clean house once a week, but we always spend the weeks together. I love my husband ❤

(something unrelated)
*photo taken from my IG
a late birthday gift came this week
Thanks to husband, so I can save my money for another shopping time 
good day!

*shoes made by UP with passion and purpose
telling you later about this brand


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