Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Marriage

السلام عليكم

It’s a long time..
Been a long time for me not to write something. I’ve become a wife and it means that I’ve become ‘more social’. The ‘more social’ doesn’t mean that I have many time to spend on social networks or blog, it means that I get ‘a real life’.

That time I was a girl with laptop and internet, but then my life changed. I got a more real life, let’s say it’s a better life everyone expects.

I lost my blog for a while, but I won’t lose it forever *grinning
I won’t let myself being brainless, to forget everything I learned in University is something silly. How many time you spent there, how many subjects you studied, and the inspiring lecturers are not eligible to be forgotten. So, this is the only media for me to remember how fun it was being a part of that department.

So, I’ll keep writing. Perhaps, I’ll continue reading ‘The Secret Garden’, the novel I stopped reading  in the last semester. It may help the ‘cold and flat’ writing I own.

I’ll always remember that I was a girl with her writing. It’s an activity I’ll do when I’ve done cooking, washing our clothes and the dirty dishes.

..and this is Mrs.Kristiano’s face now *no surprise

The early marriage began..

Now, I always have my husband with me everywhere I go.

I also try to develop my online store to be the best one, providing new stuffs, new style, so here it is... IN STYLE

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