Monday, April 29, 2013

السلام عليكم

Confused about how to find your fashion references? answers you!

Once upon a time, I did blogwalking, far far away. Then I found a magic blog, They contain all what you need about fashion. One click, you'll find information about fashion stockists, fashion bloggers, even the fashion tips. Baby.. I live in far far away, to find good fashion stockists in this little town is almost impossible -________- no, I'm not joking. I experienced living in a big city for five years, where everything we need is available.. and now, I have to buy my favorite things from the internet. Oh yes, I'm saved. Thank you for the information, I even found some favorite fashion bloggers on this fashion portal

See? There's also discount promo, all information only with a click. Are you living in far far away just like me? Oh yes, you are saved. One blog for all, all people need it. Maybe my chipmunk face also needs some fashion tips.


  1. online shopping is killing my bank account but i cant resist it! hehe.. :)

    xoxo from malaysia!

  2. hahahah
    most people feel the same