Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Back to December

Desember, it's raining.
Sometimes I wonder how people come and go just like the rain. Bcuz their lives are not mine, and people are not able to read the others' hearts, thats why I cant understand. My life should belong to the past, when the heart felt the indescribable feeling, surrounded by good people with good comprehension about a good way of life. My life was good.

Yes, it was. I do not mention this present time goes bad, but something peaceful had been lost. Friends, relatives, prayers, they all had gone. Some people passed away, met God in peace and no longer able to listen to my story about this present time. Others live this present moment, but their souls are lost, just like mine. I feel that I am not the way I am. 

What life means? What should we earn? What will we pay? This life is definitely short. We want to spend it just that easy, just spend it. But time is something we can't stop, and when it stops, we can do nothing. My soul should belong to the past, when people only own one face for each. They hated if they hated, they loved if they liked something. People were honest. 

My soul should belong to the dawn, when we only had a bottle of milk staring at a laptop, thinking too much. I thought life is that simple, if you treat others well, you'll be okay. The present life is more complicated, 'being good' is something arguable, people have different ways of life. Life goes more complex.

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