Sunday, March 25, 2012


السلام عليكم  

what is this? it's not onigiri, you don't fry onigiri by the way :))
it's Rice-Ball

Getting the recipe from my sister, Elsa, and Elsa got it from her friend, and her friend learned it from his mum :)) then we decided to make the two versions (as Elsa had learned) of riceball. It consists of rice, you have to cook the rice first, then shape it into balls.

Well, what you need are:
-Anything you like to be the filling

It's very easy to make riceballs.
The first version we made is the original riceball, you need to shape the rice until they look like a ball, cover the ball with the shaken eggs, and then the breadcrumbs, you may fill it with anything you like such as chicken or sausages. Then the last thing you need to do is to fry the balls. The second version is fried-riceball, you need to work more dahling :)) Do you know fried rice? yaa.. you have to make fried rice first, then shape them into balls, cover them with eggs and breadcrumbs, and then fry them, just like the original.

How it tastes?
It tastes good, it's crunchy, it will be good with chilli sauce.  Have a try then :))

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