Saturday, March 24, 2012


السلام عليكم 

Don't you think that kids are cute? They always look innocent, I guess everyone loves them :D
I observed the fourth grade classes for my research, but the most concern of this research is the teacher speech. I enjoyed my time with the kids at the observed Islamic school, they treated me well, and spoke English well. 

Kids are bestfriends. For me, especially, the way they act and talk are able to reduce my stress. I have two nephews in hometown, Hafidz and Javaz. My father always says that they are really naughty. Just like other little boys, Hafidz and Javaz love to play games and they act naughty sometimes. I don't know about others' point of views, but I think that's normal. Children are free, they say everything what they want to say, and do everything they like to do. All we can do is to keep them secure by paying attention to the things that they are doing.

Anyway, I have two little cousins, Obama and Annisa
They always look cute
Obama goes to nature school, while Anissa goes to primary school

I love kids because of their innocence, something that adults do not have. 

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