Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stress Affects Your Appetite

السلام عليكم

Good morning, sunshine...

I'm having a beautiful morning in Surabaya, always. Actually this week is stressful for me. As a 9th semester university student, what I expect is to graduate soon.

Well, flashback. I won't call it a tragedy, let's call it a harmony of life. I chose to compose this thesis for a year, note! only for ONE YEAR. But it's feeling like a broken heart when we (me and the other two) knew that this Friday is the last day of the final exam registration. Yes, the academic calender is accelerated.

Feeling depressed, having no other choice except having one more semester, I wanted to eat some kinds of food. My appetite usually increases when I'm facing something stressful like this. Feeling curious about it, I get myself to know whether stress affects human appetite or not. Then, here is the answer...

A research in United States informs that a depressed person eats more than the others who are not. The research uses mice for the experiment. It shows that hormone ghrelin (having a role to increase appetite) was increasing when the mice felt depressed. Dr Jeffrey Zigman adds that a stress which affects our appetite depends on the hormone ghrelin signal.
Source: Ada Kabar

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