Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Nutritional Value of Your Sushi

السلام عليكم

Do you eat sushi? It might be a familiar food for you, especially for those who love Japanese dishes. I eat sushi too, sometimes. But, do you know what the ingredients contain?
Let's check the facts!

They say that...
  • Sushi contains mercury
Why? Salmon and Tuna are the ingredients which are used for sushi, and they contain high precentage of mercury. So, it's better for you not to eat them more than 150 grams per week. They also contain high percentage of fat, while we are only allowed to consume 600 grams of fat per week. The solution? is to eat the cooked salmon, not the sashimi. It will be better for you to choose other kinds of sushi, for example, sushi with eels as one of its ingredient, or tobiko (the eggs of flying fishes). Sushi also contains high precentage of salt which is found in Shoyu, the salty soya sauce. While we are allowed to consume it only about 6 grams per day.

  • It is good for your diet
The health experts inform that sushi is nutritious. A regular size sushi contains 350 grams of calories, while the fat percentage is low, it's only about 3,5 grams. If you are in diet, it's better for you to consume some kinds of sushi with seaweeds and pickled vegetables as their ingredients. Other ingredients are wasabi and chili powder which help our bodies increasing the metabolism. The combination of its seasonings also helps your diet. For example vinegar which is used in the process of making sushi, it inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates.
source: vivanews


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