Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tara Goes to The Zoo: Part II

السلام عليكم

Dear fellows, how’s life? 
Just want to share some precious moments I had with my fellows on the last holiday. See the previous post? My gank and I went to a safari park named Taman Safari Indonesia II. 

The park is located in Prigen, Pasuruan-East Java, being one of the biggest safari parks in Asia. That wasn’t my first time visiting the park, but I was very excited, ALWAYS. 

We visited most places inside the park, FYI it isn’t only safari park, I even went swimming! It has a water-world inside! Uwoooo! Say hurray!

I listed some places I visited with my fellows that time: 
1. Safari Park (Have a view about the wild animals walking in front of your car!)

2. 8D Cinema (Be adventurous by watching the adventure movies inside the cinema!) 
3. Bicycling (I tried it with Ms.Dhiaz Ayu, riding a bike in the air. Praying along the trip) 


4. Train (Enjoying the whole scenery provided by the park, the train gives you beautiful views of the jungle) 
5. Baby Zoo (You can touch the baby animals, cute) 

6. Water World ( I love this part, been a long time not to go swimming! Please mind the bad-quality image anyway) More info: There's a part of the swimming pool that has a cave and aquariums inside. What do the aquariums contain? Crocodiles, means you swim between the crocodiles.



Ok, I forgot the rest. The park is very large, a beautiful jungle, it’s clean and tidy. Reviewing the previous visits I had with my family, this last visit is the best. You better to be there in the morning, and to go home in the afternoon. Visit the whole jungle! It’s beautiful. The fresh air provided by the giant trees, pretty flowers do exist, and the voices of singing birds are beautiful. 

Visit the official website of Taman Safari Indonesia II for the details! 
Thank you for visiting my blog! 
Seeeee Yaaaaaaa! 
*kiss kiss*