Thursday, December 27, 2012


السلام عليكم 

Nice day, fellows! How are you? 
It's been a semester living in this town, time runs this fast. Living in far far away to earn money sounds boring, that's why I started re-decorating my room after letting it messy for several weeks. 

Baby, it's sunday! It's too in vain to waste your time on Sunday! Sleeping is good, but if you can do something better on the only holiday you have, it will be more useful. At least, you can do it once a month.

Back to business! What had I done on the last Sunday? Some other work.. 

I found it when I tried to re-organize my tops, bought it few months ago and didn't know what to do with that childish stuff.

A better way to wear the sweater is taking off the ornament.

It finally became something wearable, much better to suit it with other tops. 

You may have this look 

or this one.
So, which one? 

It will be easier to find the outfit.

I also had my shawls well organized, hanging on the wall and covered by the plastic. It's highly recommended, no need a special closet's space for the shwals, no more. 

and I had a candy case as an adaptor case. Put a sticker on it, and it's finish! I love cute things, that's why I bought the stickers in a supermarket. You can write down your name on it.

I've been living in boarding houses since 5 years ago. Before moving to this town, I lived in a big city to have a study. The point is, boarding house is your other home, make it comfortable as good as you can do. Living alone with no friends and family sounds depressing, don't make yourself depressed!

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