Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hijab and Today's Fashion

السلام عليكم

Cold weather is covering Surabaya,
there may be the moon, the stars, the prayers

Tomorrow is maulid nabi Muhammad SAW, what are you doing this night?
Me? I've tried hard to sleep, but I can't. I'm reading some tweets from some ustad and twitter-lovers about maulid nabi.

No, I do not want to talk about the birth of Muhammad SAW, our phrophet. Blog walking, reading tweets, visiting other people FB, yes, that's all I'm doing right now. 5 minutes ago, I found a view that makes me sad.

As you know that hijab is a trend today, 'a trend', people wear hijab only to follow their 'passion for fashion'. About attitude? they do not have the limit. Sorry, I'm so so so so SO SORRY about this. It's just my point of view.

I appreciate all people who are trying hard to be istiqamah, being consistent with their hijab, I'm so happy for that. But, what makes me sad is about how they treat the hijab.

Today, people style hijab to be a fashionable headwear, thank you. I love fasionable looks, really, but when I see people who wear it only to follow their passion for fashion, oh girls... seriously, that's wrong. The girls treat it like they treat their shoes, someday they will leave their flat shoes for high heels, and someday the hijab will be replaced.

Fashion is something like dust, or like us, it is moved by the wind, we are moved by the time. When I was 17, I hate wearing high heels or stilettos, I love flat shoes so much. The reality? Now, I'm 22, I wear wedges and high heels. Ok, fine.

What I want to deliver to you is 'let's be consistent!'. You are all adults and mature. You wear it because of love, love in depth to Allah. Why do you upload your sexy pictures along with your covered look pictures?

I do not persuade anyone to wear hijab, NO! Let's be consistent. If you want the sexy look, grab the stuffs then. I pray someday you will wear hijab and be istiqamah. I do believe that hidayah is something that comes naturally. I do believe that it is a gift that God gives to all muslima all over the world.

Overall, I'm so so so so SO SORRY for telling you about this point of view. Wish nobody's hurt because of this.